Bathroom Renovations

Mastering Bathroom Lighting: Expert Tips

July 27, 2023

Lighting can serve multiple purposes and can completely change the feel of a bathroom.

A great place to start is by assessing the natural light that you already have. Good natural light in a bathroom is highly sought after – not only for the practical reasons while the bathroom is in use, but it can make a house more appealing to a buyer – hence increasing the value and saleability of your home. If your bathroom is completely lacking in natural light, adding a skylight, or enlarging or changing a window could be something to consider if it’s in the budget.

Functional aspects of lighting – The positioning and type of lights installed are important to ensure you have the ideal lighting for everyday routines like doing your hair and make-up, shaving, or popping pimples! You need to consider shadowing and how to avoid it. Downlights are a cost-effective and practical choice, with the correct positioning and focusing on task lighting over and around your vanity. There are many mirrors and shaving cabinets now available that include lighting or perhaps a wall sconce would suit your style? (Don’t forget that both of these will need to be wired at the early stages of a renovation).

Heat lights combined with an extraction fan are a great multipurpose addition to a bathroom, such as an IXL.

Creating a mood – Mood lighting is where you can take your bathroom to the next level and give it a luxurious and designer feel. Lighting can be used to create ambiance, warmth, and an atmosphere you could happily lock yourself in for some time – especially if you are one to enjoy a nice soak in the tub with a glass of wine and a good book.

Backlit mirrors, shaving cabinets, and wall sconces mentioned for practical reasons also serve a great purpose in setting the mood in your bathroom and add a touch of “hotel vibes.” You could also consider adding some pendant lighting to your space, often installed over a beautiful free-standing bath or to the side of the vanity.

The majority of modern and high-end bathrooms now include LED strip lighting to some degree and for a good reason. It is relatively cost-effective to supply and install while giving maximum effect. Strip lighting can be installed in many places such as niches, under vanities, under, behind, or around mirrors and shaving cabinets or even incorporated into your ceiling. You can select a warm (yellow) or cool (white) glow and can even have them on a sensor, making those midnight trips to the bathroom far less annoying!