Upgrade Your Sanctuary: Tailored Bathroom Designs by CBRS

Custom Bathroom Renovations Sydney (CBRS) specialises in quality bathroom designs, transforming bathrooms into personalised retreats that resonate with your taste and lifestyle. Understanding that each client has unique needs, we meticulously tailor every aspect of your bathroom design, ensuring it’s both functional and a true reflection of your personality.

A Collaborative Design Journey

Our design process is an engaging journey, where your vision comes to life through our expertise:

  • Initial Consultation: Dive deep into your preferences, lifestyle, and what you envision for your bathroom space.
  • Design Tailoring: Drawing from your insights, our design team crafts bespoke solutions, offering a spectrum of styles from minimalist to luxurious.
  • Interactive Feedback: We refine designs based on your suggestions to ensure every detail meets your expectations.
  • Blueprint Finalisation: Concluding with a design that embodies your desires, ensuring your new bathroom renovation is everything you dreamed of and more.

Specialists in Small Bathroom Designs

At CBRS, we specialise in the art of compact bathroom designs, combining creativity, strategic planning, and smart space utilisation to transform small bathrooms into functional, stylish spaces. Our approach to bathroom interior design prioritises both aesthetics and functionality, focusing on space-maximising fixtures like wall-mounted toilets and floating vanities, and walk-in showers with clear glass doors to enhance openness.

Lighting, including LED fixtures and skylights, along with strategic mirror placement, plays a key role in using natural lighting to make these spaces feel larger. We choose light, neutral colours to open up the room while integrating innovative storage solutions like custom cabinetry and recessed shelves to maintain a clutter-free environment.

Explore Diverse Styles & Materials

Our design palette spans across various styles, enriched by a selection of premium materials:

  • Modern Minimalist: Embrace simplicity with clean lines, neutral colours, and a focus on sleek, functional spaces. Materials like polished concrete, glass, and brushed nickel underscore the minimalist aesthetic.
  • Classic Elegance: Timeless designs featuring luxurious elements like marble, gold fixtures, and ornate detailing, perfect for a sophisticated bathroom experience.
  • Coastal & Scandinavian: Light, airy spaces with a calming palette of whites and blues, complemented by natural wood and stone to bring the serenity of the seaside or Scandinavian simplicity into your home.
  • Industrial Chic: Standout with a bold mix of exposed piping, brick, and metal finishes. This style incorporates raw materials for an edgy, contemporary look.
  • Natural Contemporary: Where contemporary elegance intersects with the comforting embrace of the natural world. You can imagine sophisticated, modern metals, stone, bamboo or timber accents with an abundance of greenery and a harmonious day spa atmosphere.

Selecting the Perfect Materials

In crafting your custom bathroom design, the choice of materials is crucial. Our approach at Custom Bathroom Renovations Sydney ensures durability, beauty, and sustainability:

  • Natural Stone & Tiles: For elegance and versatility, we use porcelain, granite, and high-quality marble tiles. They offer timeless beauty and are perfect for various surfaces.
  • Glass & Metal Finishes: Glass elements add a modern touch and create a sense of space, while diverse metal finishes on fixtures contribute to the bathroom’s overall style.
  • Sustainable Options: Emphasising eco-friendly choices, we incorporate materials like recycled glass and bamboo, marrying style with environmental responsibility.
  • Wood Accents: Treated wood or timber veneer adds warmth and a natural feel, suitable for vanities and accent features, blending durability with aesthetic appeal.

Our material selection process ensures your bathroom is not only a reflection of your style but also a testament to quality and sustainability.

Unmatched Quality & Service

At CBRS, we distinguish ourselves through unparalleled quality and service, offering more than just renovation — it’s a comprehensive experience ensuring total satisfaction. Our personalised bathroom design service, rooted in collaboration, ensures every bathroom design mirrors the client’s style and preferences, making each space a true reflection of individuality.

Our team leads with innovation and many years of expertise, continuously integrating the latest materials and design trends to create both functional and modern bathrooms. Our promise of satisfaction is backed by a comprehensive workmanship warranty, giving clients peace of mind about our craftsmanship and design excellence.

Your Experts in Bathroom Designs

If you’re ready to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary, give us a call on 1300 793 220 or email us at office@cbrs.com.au and take the first step towards creating a space where luxury meets personalisation. At CBRS, we’re not just designing bathrooms; we’re crafting personalised retreats that elevate your home and lifestyle.