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Bathroom Waterproofing

Over 25 years ago we started as a waterproofing business focusing solely on wet areas and have since evolved into full bathroom renovations, laundries and shower repairs. With so much time spent and experience gained from repairing water damaged areas, we love the chance to be involved in the initial planning process. The combined knowledge we have of waterproofing processes and what’s required later down the track to the completion of the job, allows us to guide clients in the right directions from the start, which in turn can save our clients time and money. We are fully licensed and follow all current standards of the Building code of Australia V2 3.8.1 and the Australian Standards AS3740, including 7 year warranty.

Bathroom waterproofing services ensure that your bathroom is protected against water damage. Professional technicians install waterproof membranes and barriers to prevent leaks and protect flooring, walls and ceilings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What bathroom waterproofing services do we provide?
  • Waterproofing to internal wet areas
    Whether it’s for a new build, a renovation or repair works, we can provide waterproofing services for builders and private jobs.
  • Waterproofing to balconies
    We install flashing under doors and around perimeters of new balconies and apply two coats of polyurethane waterproofing membrane.
  • Supply and install copper trays to showers. We install copper trays to all of our showers to provide extra peace of mind, and protection from movement as your house settles.
  • What are the different methods of bathroom waterproofing?
  • Liquid applied membrane
  • Sheet membrane
  • Integrally reinforced membrane
  • Tanking (coating) system
  • Waterproof render or paint
  • How long does bathroom waterproofing last?
    Bathroom waterproofing typically lasts 7-10 years, but its longevity depends on factors such as proper installation, quality of materials used, and maintenance. Regular inspections and repairs can extend its lifespan.
    Can I do bathroom waterproofing myself or should I hire a professional?
    Bathroom waterproofing is a complex process that requires technical knowledge and experience. It is recommended to hire a professional for a quality and long-lasting job. Self-installation may result in improper application, voiding of warranties, and potentially costly repairs.
    Which waterproofing is the best for the bathroom?
    The best bathroom waterproofing depends on factors like bathroom size and design, flooring, wall surfaces, personal preferences, and budget. Consult a professional for a recommendation.
    Do I need waterproofing under the bathroom tile?
    Yes, it is recommended to use a waterproof membrane under bathroom tiles to prevent moisture damage to the subfloor and wall structures.
    • I highly recommend the whole team at CBRS. From the beginning through to completion we found our bathroom renovation to be an extremely pleasant, efficient and stress-free experience.

      Jayde Williams -

    • Loved this company. Very professional from quote to last panel. The guys were very friendly and took time to listen and answer questions. Resolved any problems that arose through consultation and offered good advice. They arrived when they said they would and also worked long hours. The renovation was completed on time and I am very satisfied with all aspects. Would very highly recommend them.

      Kate Hunt -

    • Phil and the team of professionals were always on time, on site and working to get our bathrooms finished. The quality of work and commitment to get the job done has been excellent. Highly recommended team of tradesmen.

      Richard’n Jacqueline Whipp -

    • We found your company to be always:

      Helpful, always prompt on time, gave good advice in regards to design, always rang us in advance to tell us who or what was happening in the coming days, friendly and always went out of your way to make sure that we were happy with the jobs that you were doing. Very happy with our new bathroom.

      Thank you Phil.

      Nick - St Marys

    • I had Custom Bathroom Renovations completely redo both of my bathrooms and they did a terrific job. They were easy to deal with and left the place spotless. I will definitely use them next time.

      Tom Chatterton -

    • We recently had our bathroom renovated. The work was done to replace an existing bathroom which was 21 years old. We received professional advice and opinions, which helped us in completing our renovation. The staff are friendly and seemed highly competent. The job was completed with a rate of 100%. We are pleased with the final product and we would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

      Elaine & Warren -

    • I recently had my shower repaired in the main bathroom. We were unaware as to what was required and the help and advice we received was endless.
      The shower was repaired and the service was excellent. A very professional team.

      Mark & Mary -

    • I had received various quotes and information regarding our bathroom renovation, and I wasn’t convinced it was the best option, until I met the team from Custom Bathroom. I was given great advice along with design help so I was completely aware of what to expect. When the job was finished my expectations had been surpassed ten fold. I am very happy and definitely made the right choice.

      Luke & Angie -

    • Hi, just a quick note to say how pleased we are with your work. We didn’t realise how bad our problem was until you come out to inspect the job and provide us with a free quote. The leak in the ensuite is fixed and the job was completed with little disruption to our day to day life.
      Thanks guys, great job.

      Julie Grey -

    • Many thanks Custom Bathrooms for a tremendous job done. You gave us the best price and you know the old saying, “You get what you pay for”. We discovered this in our case. Great work and should the occasion arise we would certainly use you services again.

      Claire & Tom Walker -

    • I was initially confused about what design would best suit my house. After a friendly and detailed discussion with Custom Bathrooms I was able to make an educated decision on what I wanted and what was the best choice. My bathroom looks fantastic and I am glad I chose you and would certainly recommend them to anyone.

      Joe & Nancy -

    • We had just purchased a house and it needed a little work to be done in our bathrooms. As we had just spent all our money, money was not something we had a lot of. With the help of Custom Bathrooms we renovated both bathrooms on a budget and are really happy with the outcome. I don’t have any hesitations in recommending Custom Bathrooms to anyone.

      Mick & Ashleigh -

    Bathroom Waterproofing Types

    There are two types of waterproofing used above in Figure 2 the copper tray protects the shower from building movement and acts as a waterproofing membrane whilst Figure 3 the fiberglass membrane acts as secondary waterproofing membrane. Both types of waterproofing methods are recommended and recognized under the Building code of Australia V2 3.8.1 and the Australia Standards AS3740.

    Bathroom waterproofing is essential for a long-lasting, functional bathroom. Request a quote to get a budget-friendly bathroom renovation cost.

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