Bathroom Renovations

Shower Storage Solutions: Niche vs. Ledge

July 27, 2023

Which Shower Storage Will Work Best for Your Space?

Dispose of that rusty old shower caddy and think of functional storage that doubles as an aesthetically pleasing feature by incorporating a niche or ledge in your new shower space.


A Niche is the framed indented recess or ‘cut out’ in the wall. This is a subtle and purposeful feature used to store shampoo and conditioner bottles, body wash, soap and all other shower essentials. It helps keep the shower area organised and tidy. A niche can also be used to create a unique decorative feature as it can be complemented with LED strip lighting for that extra Luxe feel. A niche doesn’t take up floor space so it’s suitable for small bathrooms and you have the capability to determine size and height. One con is the depth of the wall cavity will determine the depth of the niche. A niche also provides a nice canvas for a feature tile if that is something that interests you.


The ledge is a half wall or step out created in the shower much larger in size running from wall to wall. This can add a larger statement in the shower given its size bringing purpose for all shower essentials storage and ensuring no more reaching to the floor for any toiletries. There is also the opportunity for a tiling feature. A ledge is frameless so there are no height restrictions for storage, and you determine the height to best suit your needs. A consideration to make is the depth of your ledge does take up floor space within the shower.

Which will work best for your space?