Transforming Spaces: Newport Bathroom Renovation Project

In Newport, a stunning transformation unfolded as two pivotal spaces within a home—the main bathroom and the ensuite—were reimagined. Through meticulous planning and design, these renovations not only elevated the aesthetics but also enhanced the functionality of each room, reflecting the homeowners’ desire for modernity and comfort.

Main Bathroom Renovation

The main bathroom renovation was characterised by the introduction of discreet, sophisticated fixtures and a harmonious blend of textures and colours. A notable feature is the back-to-wall toilet suite, cleverly designed with a wall-inset cistern button for a sleek, uncluttered look.

The choice of large format tiles for both wall and floor surfaces adds an expansive, airy feel to the room, while the modern vanity—accentuated with a wooden veneer—hosts an above-counter basin, marrying functionality with design. A distinctive element is the shower/bath area, equipped with a versatile hand shower on a rail, set against a captivating herringbone tile feature wall, and includes a practical shower niche.

Ensuite Bathroom Renovation

Echoing the main bathroom’s theme of seamless elegance, the ensuite serves as a private retreat that combines luxury with personal touches. Large-format tiles envelop the space, setting a grand stage for the herringbone feature wall that pairs beautifully with the wooden veneer of the wall-hung vanity.

This bathroom is distinguished by its thoughtful shower design, featuring a built-in bench, a convenient niche, and a 2-in-1 hand and rainfall shower, creating an indulgent showering experience. The continuity in design is maintained with a discrete toilet suite that complements the room’s modern aesthetic.

Newport Bathroom Renovation Project