St Helens Park

Transforming Spaces with Our St Helens Park Bathroom Renovation Project

In the heart of St Helens Park, our recent project epitomises the pinnacle of home renovation, reimagining the essence of the main bathroom and laundry to reflect modern luxury and practical elegance. This showcase delves into the specifics of each room’s transformation, highlighting our commitment to blending functionality with sophisticated design.

Main Bathroom Renovation

The main bathroom renovation introduced a harmonious blend of luxury and functionality. The highlight is the shower area, enhanced with a shower niche and adorned with large format tiles, complemented by a 2-in-1 hand and rainfall shower.

A striking textured feature wall of square and vertical subway tiles adds depth, while a large freestanding bath and a modern vanity with an LED-backlit circle mirror elevate the space’s sophistication. The sleek back-to-wall toilet suite perfectly rounds off the bathroom’s modern look.

Laundry Renovation

The laundry renovation focused on maximising functionality without compromising on style. Large, easy-to-clean tiles provide a durable foundation, while the large workbench, designed to accommodate a washer/dryer, features an under-mounted single-basin laundry sink and a marble-look countertop, ensuring that practicality and aesthetic appeal go hand in hand.

Each space within this St Helens Park project has been meticulously designed to enhance the living experience, seamlessly integrating luxury with everyday functionality.

St Helens Park Bathroom Renovation